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Raageshwari works with few selected private clients at any given time to build a bond crucial for change.

The idea is to effectively introduce them to childhood patterns and subconscious beliefs that hinder progress.

The intention is to focus on one’s individual growth and peak in potential letting go of the victim mentality that leads to self sabotage. To build a mindset and behaviour that does not depend on outside influences or results.

People self sabotage for a variety of reasons. The reasons range from childhood patterns to prior experiences, low self-esteem or coping mechanisms.

Family and nurturing relationships are the fulcrum to Raageshwari’s beliefs and teachings. She believes compassion at home will lead to success in the boardroom.

Through the one on one sessions the client learns about anchors for the week, breathing techniques, focus of the week and the power of peacefully allowing progress though mindfulness. 

Private clients sign up for individual sessions or subscription sessions according to their requirements.

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