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Mindfulness Workshops
and Retreats for
Corporates and Conglomerates

Nature is peaceful and relaxed and yet gets everything done at the right time.
In Raageshwari’s mindfulness sessions, employees are taught how Peace can help you Peak in your True Potential.

On an organizational level, mindfulness increases a sense of self-worth, it increases trust in leadership, and boosts employee engagement.

Most corporates will agree that Not all stress is negative, stress has a purpose and at reasonable levels, in the appropriate situations, it can help us peak in our potential. Positive stressors (called eustress) may include planning an upcoming wedding, an event, a presentation or a holiday. On the other hand, negative stress (called distress) results in the full-blown stress response. However, stress becomes a problem when we are not mindful.

Your body can’t tell the difference between eustress and distress. There are countless scientific studies that show mindfulness is great for dealing with stress and anxiety at work. The human body is not designed to be under constant stress, ruining the cellular memory, it destroys the immune system causing illness and disease.

As Harvard research says no physical illness, isn’t in some way connected to stress. Hence, Mindfulness programs help leaders and team members simply observe situations and helps slow down their impulsive reactions. They start to reflect effectively, resulting in heightened focus on the task at hand. The gradual training in mindfulness techniques helps them master peak levels of stress and anxiety and recharge quickly. They learn to self regulate and that creates ripple effects in other team members too.